Acrylic on Canvas, 45.5cm x 60.5cm

This is one of a pair of paintings (the other one being 'White') which were painted not only because of my love of wine, but because of the challenge of all the reflections and refractions caused by the glass.

Neither of them are in a 'proper' glass that an expert might demand to get the best out of the wine, but they were chosen on purpose for the visual interest they would bring to the painting. In this painting I love all the amazing colours in the chunky parts at the bottom of the glass - there's blues, purples, pinks and yellows - all in a painting of red wine!

I love this pair of paintings and I think they will always remain some of my firm favourites!

The original painting of 'Red' is available to purchase directly from the studio for £895 (plus any related delivery costs).

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing this painting.

Prints of this painting are also available to purchase here from our online shop.