Hi I'm Helen - an Artist, a writer and a highly experienced overthinker!

My mission is to celebrate uniqueness - quirky, strange and wonderful originality. I do this through creating original artwork to help spread this message and through my blog and Beyond The Crumpled Paper magazine, in which I share my own experience of overthinking, self-doubt and often crippling insecurity - and the ways in which they can be overcome.

I have spent many, many years learning to understand my own thinking patterns, as well as studying subjects such as limiting beliefs, NLP (neurolinguistic programming), self-talk and positive thinking methods. 

I believe that so many of us are living a diluted version of our own lives because we hold ourselves back. We believe we can't do it and that we're not good enough and we tie ourselves up in knots over what other people might think.

It is time to stop comparisons. Time to stop holding ourselves back. I am on a mission to help you embrace your uniqueness - to know that yes, you are good enough and you can do it. Let's stop overthinking ourselves out of life and get living it instead!