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  1. Last night was a very special night.

    It was the 'meet the artists' launch night of my latest exhibition, 'Fairytales, Custard Creams and a Sense of Place' - an exhibition featuring my work alongside work by my amazing friends and incredible Artists Victoria Hough and Nicola Billington.

    exhibition flyer

    It has been a busy few weeks finishing off work for this show and we had a great day on Tuesday putting all the work up and seeing the results of all our hard work. Once we got started we developed a rather nifty system with the bradawl,screwdriver and spirit level and were putting pieces on the wall like experts :)


    So, after hundreds of hours of creating work, and a busy week mounting, labelling and getting the work up it was a great feeling to be looking forward to launching it all in style last night - but for me, it also marks one of the occasions I am yet to feel comfortable with as an Artist. I saw a great quote on social media the other day (below, with the chalky hands!) and for me it sums it up - putting my work on show still somehow feels like putting a little bit of my soul up on the wall and I am yet to develop the confidence to be secure in this (I am working on it though!).


    I did feel incredibly proud of the work I had put up, and incredibly proud to be exhibiting alongside Nicky and Vicky, and the night was made so enjoyable for me by some very special people making the journey over to the gallery to support me. The evening somehow marked officially the start of this new journey I am making - the journey of focussing on my artwork full-time and making a success of it. And it was the perfect way to do so.

    picture from Castle Park Arts Centre.

    I was exhibiting with 2 amazing people, supported by incredible friends and family, I sold a couple of pieces (and got my red dots!), I drank red wine and ate copious amounts of biscuits - and I didn't, despite my trepidation, run and hide in the cupboard at any point during the evening :) 

    And I hope it is the first of many launch nights to come...