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  1. Yes the end is in sight - of the school Summer Holidays that is!

    As much as I love having time with my 2 girls, it plays havoc with my work and you may have noticed how quiet I have been on here and on social media - partly because I don't have the time to keep up with everything, and partly because my productivity has plummeted so I haven't got as much to talk about lol!

    I have managed some work though - I have had lots and lots of pennies to paint for people which I am thoroughly enjoying, and I have just finished a small corkscrew painting which, along with a newly reframed 'Don't Rip It!' I am hoping will be accepted into the Warrington Open (watch this space!)


    I am also now very much focussed on my forthcoming exhibition with my great friends and fabulous artists Victoria Hough and Nicola Billington which opens at the end of September. I still have new pieces planned for this exhibition so I have to admit, both me and my paintbrushes will be a bit relieved when it's back to school next Monday... ;)

    exhibition flyer_web

  2. *NB: Originally posted on our old website on 3rd July 2016*

    The second of my 'wine' series is now finished - so now we have 'White' to go with the 'Red' :)

    Acrylic on canvas and measuring 18" x 24" it is, along with Red, inspired by the shapes and reflections within the crystal glass that holds the wine.

    I have loved these paintings so far, and this one, at times, really challenged me and I sometimes felt it a bit of a wrestle to get it heading in the right direction. I am still fascinated by the subject of glass and reflections, so as well as continuing with the 'wine' series, this interest has also led me to begin a new piece - related but different (hint: Sounds very much like the day I am typing this!)

    So, here is 'White' from start to finish - and in case some of you find it helpful or even just a bit interesting, I have added a couple of 'palette' pics, showing the fresh colours I first put out, plus a shot of how my final palette looked once everything was mixed (plus a bit mixed up after it got tipped up!)

    I hope you like it! Cheers :)