My love affair with oils was more of a weekend fling...

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Well, it's Monday morning and I have got a full, uninterrupted day in the studio planned. I was looking forward to getting stuck into the tortoise I have just started (the meaning of which will be explained in due course!) as well as the small obscure piece that is also underway (which has a BIG meaning which will also be explained in due course!).


Now, if you follow me on social media you will know I have 2 paintings underway at once, which is unusual for me, because I wanted to try and push my painting technique by introducing oils which take much longer to dry than my usual acrylics.

Well, I have already learnt one very important lesson since starting with the oils last week - and that is I am too impatient to use oils!

The background of the tortoise I painted last Thursday is still too wet for me to work on it today and after spending all weekend giving it a wide berth and pouncing on the kids every time they went in my studio in case they brushed against it, I have decided that right now, oils just aren't for me! 

So I return to my trusty acrylics, a house that will no longer have to smell of turps and a quicker working pace which suits me just right. And I will no longer have to swoop around my small studio like a ninja in case I touch any wet paint!

Impatient? Me?...

Im notimpatienti just hatewaiting

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