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Well it's Saturday evening and I have just finished packing everything ready for my exhibition next week. But the bags full of paintings and labels on the floor in my studio represent more than you could possibly imagine - they are the contents of my very first professional solo exhibition which in itself represents my leap of faith. The leap that has seen me take the decision to concentrate on my artwork full-time - something I have dreamt of doing since I was a child, since my early years colouring in the back room of my Mum and Dad's house and an ambition I have carried with me all the years since then.

And now I am doing it.


And I am doing it fuelled by a cocktail of excitement, nerves, panic and downright determination. I still have quite frequent confidence wobbles, and on some days I convince myself that the sensible thing to do is to get a 'proper job' - but then I remember that we are only here once (and I am not getting any younger *ahem*) so I take a deep breath and keep on going even more determined to make this happen.

I also have the support of the most amazing family and friends anyone could ever ask for, and their help keeps me going - and makes sure there is always someone to give me a good talking too when the wobbles strike!

So, on Monday I go over to Altrincham not only to hang my exhibition - but to also officially launch this great adventure. 


Will be great to have you along for the ride :)

Helen x

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