Pennies #2 and #3

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*NB: Originally posted on the old website on 24th June 2016*

The #findapenny project has continued with the 'dropping' of a couple more pennies. They were left at 2 different places yesterday - and as yet, I know nothing of what has happened to them, and maybe I never will.

The first was left at Pipsqueaks Play Cafe in Orrell, a great play centre where I have a display of work. I was a bit worried about small hands (and mouths!) finding it so I left it near a bowl of fruit on the counter (where little hands shouldn't be straying without some big hands watching!!)


From there, I moved onto Billinge and the new Love It Gallery. This is a gorgeous gallery shop and cafe where I will also have some work for sale very soon (including The Cabbage!). It is very hard work dropping pennies so I indulged in a lovely cuppa and rather splendid slice of millionaires shortbread while I was there - before leaving the apple penny in the middle of the table.


I have to say - I am really enjoying doing this :) I hope the 3 coins left so far have given that blip of joy to someone rather than being lost for good - and I hope there are many more blips of joy to come :)

Watch this space for news of the next ones! (and watch out on social media for clues as I'm leaving them)

And if you do find one - please let me know! :)

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