The first penny has dropped!

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*Originally posted on the old website on 17th June 2016*

So, today marks the beginning of my #findapenny project - a project aimed at hopefully bringing a little blip of joy into the lives of random people who may spot what they think is a normal unassuming penny and decide to pick it up... (read all about it here).

It only seemed right to begin this project in one of my favourite places - so the very first #findapenny was left this morning in the wonderful Chouxchouxbedoo coffee shop in Newton-Le-Willows, Merseyside (and of course, I had to indulge in a piece of amazing chocolate cake while I was there!!)


It was left on the floor, ladybird side down, just next to the counter near where I was sat (you may just be able to spot it in the second picture) after which I left the shop (having paid obviously - I didn't just scarper!!) and left it's fate in the hands of Chouxchouxbedoo.

Will I ever find out what happened to it? Who knows....

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