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*NB: Originally posted on our old website on 12th May 2016*

Crikey things seem to have gone a bit bonkers over here! After a relatively quiet few weeks I seem to have quite a few projects on the go all at the same time at the minute.

I am still busy working on pieces for the exhibition I am part of at the end of Summer - this is what all the biscuit work is for. As well as the larger coloured pencil pieces I am also doing a series of smaller biscuit paintings - the first of which was the Jammie Dodger. Iced Gems is also done now, with chocolate chip cookie and party ring soon to follow!


I have also just started a new series of paintings which is inspired by the colours and reflections in crystal glasses - and also happens to feature one of my favourite things ;) The first of these is a lovely big glass of red wine - which will be followed by a glass of white, a rose and some fizz. Who knows, there may even be cocktails to follow! (The research for this series is going to be tough..!) As this series develops my plan is to take a big dose of confidence and start approaching galleries - so watch this space!


And because that's not enough, I have just started a big commission to paint theatre scenery for the local children's drama group. This involves painting the scenery boards in situ on the stage - and overall it comes to over 8 feet tall and 80 feet - yes 80 feet - long! This project is back-breaking and is making me discover muscles I didn't know I had!


So, I  think I can safely say that you won't be hearing me say that I am bored anytime soon!

I will keep you updated about all of these projects as they develop - and I can guarantee I will be taking the research for the new paintings very seriously indeed... #cheers

Helen x x

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