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*NB: Originally posted on our old webiste on 13th April 2016*

A lot of my Creative work at the moment is preparation for the exhibition I've got at the end of Summer with my 2 great friends and talented artists Nicola Billington and Victoria Hough.

A big chunk of this work is going to be featuring Biscuits (as you may have already guessed if you follow my work lol) and I thought that, as well as the bigger highly detailed work, it would be nice to have some smaller, quicker studies as part of my display.

And this is the first one - a small acrylic painting of a Jammie Dodger. It is about 10cm in size, and took about 4 hours. Ah, it does feel good to start and finish a piece in the same day :)

dodger 1
dodger 2
final dodger

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