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*NB: Originally posted on our old website on 22nd March 2016*

Those you you that follow me over on Facebook or Twitter may have noticed I have been a bit quiet lately, with talk of me being kept extremely busy by a big project.

Well today, the project was installed in situ - the biggest project I have ever undertaken and something so completely different in subject and style to my usual work that it was indeed a massive challenge in every sense of the word. Because not only does is measure nearly 20 feet in length - it features drawings from nearly 200 hundred school children.

It has been completed to adorn one of the main corridors in the lovely Primary School that my 2 daughters' attend (in fact, they both had a little paint on it as the pictures may show some evidence of ;)). The scale of the piece meant it was too big to complete in my little home studio - so I simply took over the kitchen for a month!


My original vision for the piece was to celebrate the potential within each child and their dreams and aspirations. It all began with a workshop in the school during which all attending children drew out their vision of what they want to do when they're older. These drawings were then to become the centres of a mass of colourful blooming flowers - signifying growth, life and the blossoming of ambition.


It would be accurate to say that I completely underestimated the scale of the project! But, I felt incredibly proud seeing it go up today and hope all the children and staff at the school get a lot of pleasure from the piece. And I hope it's a little while before I have to do anything of this scale again... ;)



And now it is finally done and successfully in place, all that remains for me to do is sit back and enjoy a sneaky glass of red...

Helen x

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