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  1. *NB: Originally posted on 21st July 2015 on the old website*

    Well here we are - my brand new blog. I can't tell you how excited I am about this - not only because it means I get to bombard you with works in progress, finished pieces and my general ramblings (you can't wait can you?!) - it also signifies that I am ready with my pencils sharpened and my paintbrushes cleaned ready to make new art like never before!

    I am excited and eager to keep working on my drawing and painting more than ever, and this blog is the place I will share this journey with you.

    So, it only seems right that we begin with my latest drawing - finished just this afternoon. Below are the stages (and final image) of Custard Creams, mainly drawn in coloured pencil and approximately 14" x 10" in size. This is the first in a planned series of 3 rather biscuity pieces - next is Party Rings, and if I am not all biscuited out, Jammy Dodgers will form the final piece in the series.

  2. *NB: This was originally posted on July 8th on the old website. It made perfect sense for this to be the first post to be copied over to the brand new website*

    Today was a big day for me. A very big day!

    Those of you that know me 'in real life' or who have followed my work for a while will know that most of my time and effort over the last few years has gone into running my business, The Penguin Tree. My drawing and painting made a guest appearance in some of the products available from TPT, but it always stayed on the sidelines - despite it being my big passion.

    Several times in the past I've tried to push my art work - but I have always backed away again through lack of confidence or the fear that it's not 'a proper job'. But over the last few years, having taken the leap away from paid employment and having had far too many reminders that life is short, I have been moving closer and closer to the point I reached today.

    Today, I announced that The Penguin Tree will be closing at the end of the month after which time I will be dedicating myself full-time to making a success of my Fine Art work. Exciting and scary in equal proportions! It may have taken me (very nearly) 40 years, but I am now putting both feet firmly on the path I am meant to take.

    I can't tell you how much I have appreciated all your support and encouragement so far - and I hope you will all stick with me as this new adventure continues...

    I am now about to sit back and enjoy a glass or 2 of red wine, and mark what I hope will be the best decision I ever made. Cheers!

    Helen x