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  1. *NB: originally posted on September 8th 2015 on the old website*

    This is a small drawing that I completed over just 2 evenings (approximately 9 hours) and one which I really enjoyed doing. I found the ballet shoes so beautiful when I photographed them to draw from that I couldn't wait to start.

    This is another coloured pencil piece - I have really enjoyed using this medium recently and love the challenge of improving my technique with each piece. I am planning on doing more painting soon too but coloured pencil work is definitely something I will continue to work on.

    Here are the pics of 'After The Dance' coming to life - as usual lately, with my drawing being done late in the evening they are decidedly dodgy phone pics - but they give you a little bit of an insight into how I built up the piece. (Those of you who follow my Facebook page may also know that the odd glass of wine also played a role in the development of this drawing ;) Well it was the weekend...)

  2. *NB: Originally posted on 25th August 2015 on the old website*

    Here is Party Rings - the second in my biscuity series of drawings along with Custard Creams which are show earlier on the blog and Jammie Dodgers which are next on my list. Oh, it's tough having to keep eating all these biscuits to keep myself 'in the zone' ;)

    It has taken me longer than usual to complete this piece as I have got 2 little people at home for the Summer Holidays - which is also the reason that a lot of my progress pics are a bit dark and shadowy as a lot of my drawing is being done late at night at the moment once said little people are in bed!

    This drawing is on A3 paper, and is done in coloured pencils over a rough 'underpainting' layer of pro-marker.

    Along with Custard Creams and a range of my other work, Party Rings will be available as a Collector's Edition Fine Art Print very soon :)