I love food (and I have the figure to prove it). But not only because I enjoy eating it but because it is also a powerful representation of so many other things too, including society, behaviour, wealth and entertainment. We live our lives through food, from first dates to funerals, weaning to wedding breakfasts, food is there every step of the way.

Food keeps us alive yet at the same time can kill us. It can comfort us but also make us sick. And just the sight of it can conjure up feelings, thoughts and memories, not just in Pavlov’s dogs, but in all of us.

Food is so much more than mere fuel for our bodies. It is a source of joy, of indulgence and a way of sharing time and bonding with loved ones.

The current Coronavirus pandemic has shown just how important food is to us. There was a rush to stockpile food, a tidal wave of home baking and all of us have found ourselves focusing more on what meals we are going to cook (and when we are going to eat them!)
So, I am looking forward to creating new work - paintings of food and drink that represent my response to the current strange times we live in.

As they are finished you will find them in the gallery below, along with some old favourites...